Friday, September 16, 2005

Two new CDs

I am currently listening to two terrific CDs that I recommend highly. The first is Rarities by the Indigo Girls, my absolute favorite musicians in the world. Rarities is a B-side release, a bunch of songs that never made it out of the studio, together with some remixes and tribute album pieces. I never thought I would hear a collaborative effort between IGs and Rage Against the Machine, but there it was on the album. The second-to-last song, "It Won't Take Long," made me weep, because I want so much to believe that a day could come when, "as we let outselves be bought, we're gonna let ourselves be free."

The second CD is 40 Days by the Wailin' Jennys. We heard them on A Prairie Home Companion, and checked out a CD. Gorgeous folk music. Painfully beautiful, if you know what I mean.

Check 'em out.


Mimi said...

I love Bside collections of artists I enjoy a lot, I'm glad that the Indigo Girls one is good!

The other one sounds neat too! Thanks for the recommendation.

Sampson said...

You're welcome, Mimi! Do you listen to the Indigo GIrls? If not, who?


Mimi said...

Sometimes - My local radio station ( does a "Live Album" every year of performances they've recorded, and Indigo Girls is on there a lot.

But, other than their radio stuff, I've never gotten into them. Just out of inertia rather than a dislike of their genre, I guess.

Beatles, U2, Chris Isaak, Paul McCartney, Elvis Costello and Duran Duran are my most reached for CDs, I'd say. And you?

Sampson said...

Let's see: Indigo Girls, U2, Ani DiFranco, Rage Against the Machine (when my wife's not around and doesn't have to listen), and the occasional hip-hop by Move.Meant (loved their single "Problems" at the end of the movie "Crash").

A few others, but these are the mainstays.