Friday, July 01, 2005

Back on the wagon

So tonight I tried to buy drugs.

Well, it's not what you think. See, our friend Sheri came over for dinner tonight. She's been sober now for almost three months, but she doesn't have any money; she's been denied welfare for two months in a row on technicalities. Mark, her partner who is in prison, sent his personal effects to our house in a big box with her name on it. Sheri told us that there should be some valium and klonopin tablets inside, which are worth two bucks apiece on the street. She wanted to open the box and get the pills, so she could sell them and get some money for smokes and morning coffee.

So I offered to buy them from her. Kind of a toilet amnesty, you might say.

But when we opened the box, we found no pills, just clothes and papers. So I guess I'm back on the wagon. I gave her some money anyway.

We had a nice dinner together. And at the end, we got talking about books we were reading, and E. mentioned Anne Lamott. Turns out Sheri grew up with Anne Lamott, went to school with her. Anne Lamott got clean and sober fifteen years ago, and now she writes books about the experience. Sheri is just getting cleaned up now.

Small world.

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